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Aug 11 2017

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GPS Fleet Tracking Review

Please take a few minutes to read the buying tips and reviews posted below to learn about other customer experiences (Good and Bad). If you need a GPS Fleet Tracking systems or pricing please consider taking advantage of our free service and get multiple quotes from suppliers that will fight to win your business .

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Tips for Buying a Top GPS Fleet Tracking System

Looking for a system to keep track of your drivers? Are you able to tell a customer with certainty that your driver will arrive on time? Take the guess work out of your day by seeing where all of your vehicles are anytime, anywhere help you manage your business and dispatch more effectively. GPS Fleet Tracking Systems can pinpoint your location to a few meters and track your fleet of vehicles as often as you need them too. A GPS system for fleet tracking can monitor vehicles on daily trips in real time or can be used as a six monthly audit for all employees. If you are tracking vehicles in real time you will need a system that connects to the vehicles computer. Other systems are just clip-ons to the dashboard. The clip-on devices are tempting for thieves and other models can be wired in under the dashboard and cannot be stolen as easily.

When you purchase a system you want it be a good return on your investment that will help your company improve travel times that will increase customer satisfaction. If you are using an in-house system you need employees with enough knowledge of computers to run the system. The company that installs the software will train employees but the more knowledge they have the easier and quicker it will be.

One tip when purchasing GPS fleet tracking software is how many vehicles you need to monitor and when you want to monitor them. A contract to monitor vehicles in real time can be expensive and you need to look carefully over the contract if using an external system. This is an important consideration as to the cost of the system. A real time monitoring service can be a costly exercise and you want to get a return on your investment.

The next tip needs you to look at the type of system you want to use. Do you need a strong and reliable in-built system on the vehicle that is continually monitoring or is a hand held type that sends the information back to base by mobile phone system? The hand held system is more cost effective for entry into fleet tracking but it can be lost, tampered with or stolen and has a relatively short life span as new methods enter the market place. The other device is physically attached to the vehicle, tamper proof and able to withstand bumps and sudden shocks.

Another tip is to inquire about further equipment that you may need to purchase as your company and business grows. You want a product that is versatile and will cover all of the aspects you want it to. A modular system can be the most cost effective method to choose as you only buy the component units that you need. You also want to know that the provider is using best practice protocols, how often your data is backed up, the safety of your data and the controls in place for the authorized user.

Always take the time to read through a few fleet tracking reviews and consider the pros and cons before making your final decision. When you are ready you ll want to compare side by side prices from top companies to get the best deal in less time.

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