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May 15 2018

Learey technical center

#learey #technical #center # Schools While Florida Prepaid Plans can be used at private and public schools both inside and outside of Florida, it s our in-state public institutions for which they were designed. Luckily, from one end of the peninsula to the other Florida is bursting with great accredited educational institutions** where you can use the benefits of your Florida Prepaid College Plan and Florida 529 Savings Plan. Florida Colleges Formerly known as “Community Colleges,” these institutions provide affordable, accessible education at campuses throughout the state. And, while they ve always offered Associate s Degrees and trade certification programs, …

Apr 13 2018

Equine Massage Online Course

#equine #massage, #equine #sports #massage, #equine #massage #center, #equine #massage #school, #massage #therapy, #equine #massage #therapy # Massage is recognized as an important element in keeping horses healthy and comfortable, as well as improving their movement. It is an important part of equine health care. This course teaches more than just the techniques for massaging the superficial muscles of the horse. It is designed to provide students with the knowledge to see the “whole horse”-movement and muscular development, injuries allied to the work performed, outside factors that affect comfort, as well as massage techniques and the actual massage. A complete …

Mar 21 2018

Summer Camp at Holston Camp – Retreat Center, Banner Elk, NC, welcome to the conference calling center.#Welcome #to #the #conference #calling #center

# Welcome to Holston Camp and Retreat Center Since 1959, Holston has offered a summer camp for kids who are seeking a refuge from the seasonal heat and a sanctuary for spiritual, mental, and physical growth. Now, as a year-around facility, we welcome children of all ages to respond to a higher calling in the beautiful wooded mountains of Holston Camp and Retreat Center. from Jim Austin, Director Summer Camp ABOUT SUMMER DAY CAMP Holston has a tradition of small group camping with a big group plan. We welcome day and resident summer campers who are eager to step out …

Mar 15 2018

Wisconsin Job Centers, job center.#Job #center

Wisconsin Job Centers Job Seekers Looking for a job? Need information on occupations? Interested in career options? Unemployed or laid off? Seeking training? Need help to get connected to the Wisconsin workforce? Businesses Need to post a job opening? Employees need specialized training? Facing a skills shortage? Interested in tax credits? Need help to explore Wisconsin’s untapped labor pools? EOE Terms of Use Contact Us Privacy Notice Supported Browsers Accessibility 1-888-258-9966

Mar 12 2018

Inbound Call Center Solutions

#call #center #software, #virtual #call #centers, #contact #center #solutions, #call #center #technology # Inbound Contact Center Overview Build interactive relationships customers love Service fluctuating call volumes with on-demand scalability Expand your workforce to any location Identify callers and route them to the right agents Analyze customer interactions and boost call center productivity Support for multiple inbound contact center channels inContact s solutions for inbound call centers help you deliver outstanding customer experiences. You ll have the tools you need to immediately connect callers with the right agents, scale capacity when inbound call center volumes spike, and boost agents productivity while …

Mar 4 2018

Headache Center – New York City – Montefiore Medical Center

#montefiore #medical #center, #montefiore #headache #center, #headache #disorders, #headache #treatment, #montefiore #neurology # Headache Center Migraine, tension-type headache, cluster headache no matter what the type, they can all be very debilitating. Your head throbs. You feel pain in your neck, back and shoulders. You are nauseous and sensitive to lights, noises and smells. You may have disturbances in your vision or sensation. It can be difficult to work, go to school or even enjoy life. The Montefiore Headache Center can help. A leader in the field, the Montefiore Headache Center is the first center in the world focused exclusively on …

Mar 3 2018

FCA-UAW execs laundered money through fake hospice center, FBI says, center for hospice.#Center #for #hospice

Feds: UAW and FCA execs laundered money through fake hospice center In a scheme to get rich, UAW and FCA executives not only funneled money through a children’s charity, but also laundered money through a fake hospice center, according to a new court filing. The allegation surfaced today in a forfeiture complaint, in which the government is seeking to keep $292,000 that was seized from two bank accounts tied to the Hospice of Metropolitan Detroit. The government claims the money was part of a money laundering scheme involving UAW and FCA executives, and that some of it was secretly funneled …

Feb 28 2018

5 Curable Causes of Poor VoIP Call Quality

#hosted #voip #call #center, #5 #curable #causes #of #poor #voip #call #quality # 5 Curable Causes of Poor VoIP Call Quality Tap here to compare the top VoIP providers Tap here to hide the top VoIP Providers If you are using a VoIP phone system, there is a good chance you have experienced poor call quality. This article discusses the causes of VoIP call quality problems and what you can do to correct them. The causes of poor quality VoIP calls are easy to diagnose and correct. Your VoIP Service Provider should be able to identify and work with you …

Feb 15 2018

OASAS Addiction Treatment Centers – St, st lawrence rehabilitation center.#St #lawrence #rehabilitation #center

# Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services General St. Lawrence Addiction Treatment Center is a 40 bed inpatient rehabilitation program. St. Lawrence recognizes psychoactive substance dependence as a treatable disease. St. Lawrence is medically supervised and staffed by a multidisciplinary treatment team. Evidence based practices such as Motivational Interviewing and various types of Cognitive Behavioral therapies are used at the program. The evidence based practices used at the ATC help patients navigate, embrace and overcome the challenges associated for someone in the early stages of recovery. Patients are at the very center of their treatment including helping to develop …

Feb 9 2018

Data center tier classifications and five-nines availability – Cabling Install

#data #center #tier #classifications # Data center tier classifications and five-nines availability Complementary infrastructure must match hardware and software investments in order to meet high availability goals. Information technology (IT) clients expect availability of five nines, or 99.999%. Unfortunately, the substantial investment that a business makes to achieve five-nines in its computer hardware and software platforms is unlikely to be sufficient unless matched with a complementary site infrastructure that can support these availability goals. The overall site tier rating is dependent upon all aspects of the site infrastructure, and will be the lowest of the individual subsystem ratings covering such …