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Mar 22 2018

Professional translation services from the translation company Lengua Translations

Professional translation services from the translation company Lengua Translations

Professional translation services from the translation company Lengua Translations

Website translations

Increased conversion rate through high quality translation. Many more sales and inquiries with the same contents? Increase your conversion rate!

Business Translation Services

Lengua Translations is your best choice in a translation agency or translation company. We will provide you with professional business translation services.

Software Localization Services

The world’s largest software companies use software localization services by Lengua Translations to accelerate entry into international markets, improve revenue growth opportunities and reduce their costs.

Live Support

Our staff will help you to solve your problems and to answer your questions very quickly. We will reply to your questions immediately (live).

“We were pleased with the quality of your translation, and the service we received. Quick response, good turnaround, and reasonable cost. As the need arises, we will use your company again.”
– Michael Silber, Director, Product Development, Harman Group –

Thank you for all your help, I am so pleased with the finished document and please convey my appreciation to all involved
– Therese Butler, UK, Turkish translation –

In June 2002, you translated our website www.thomasklein.de into several foreign languages. Thank you very much, we are very satisfied with your services.
– Thomas Klein –

Translation services from the translation company Lengua Translations

Our qualified translators are always on call, ready to meet your translation needs.

Today’s marketplace is global. This means that your business will often be faced with communication, contracts and documents from firms operating in a foreign language. Ideally, this will be a language you both speak, but what happens if this is not the case? You need to use the services of a professional translation company. Unfortunately, some translations are less than perfect. Lengua Translations offers professional and affordable language services provided by native speakers with university degrees in translation. You will be very satisfied with the accurate, high quality translations provided by our highly qualified and trained translators. Our translation services will meet all of your requirements with regard to accuracy, timeliness and quality.

Inaccurate translation of contracts, operating instructions, product descriptions, etc. can cost your company a lot of money. These translations can also seriously affect your company image and reduce customer confidence in your products and personnel. Correct, accurate translations by professionally trained translators can prevent these problems from occurring and can help your company to project a truly international image.

Quality and competence: Our top priorities

Languages are alive. They are constantly changing. New words, phrases and concepts appear almost every day. Keeping up to speed with this ongoing process is no simple task. That is why our language services are provided by professional, certified mother-tongue linguists and translators.

All of our translators are highly qualified and have extensive experience in their chosen fields. They maintain memberships in professional associations (ATA, BDU, etc.) and are certified translators in their native languages.

What do we translate: contracts, agreements, certificates, books, files, manuals, user guides, documents, reports, articles, studies, letters, forms, brochures, speeches..

The translators working for our translation company are native speakers and qualified linguists, who ensure the accuracy of your translations and prevent the embarrassment and expense caused by poor translations. Each of our translators specializes in a chosen field. This means that Lengua Translations can provide all types and styles of translation. For best results, our translators maintain a close working relationship with the translation agency, the subject specialist and the client, which provides you with the input required to ensure that your documents say what you want them to say.

Product (translations) delivery

Your translations can be delivered in a variety of formats: E-mail, disk, fax or hard copy (via post or courier). The choice is yours; just let us know which method you prefer.

Timelines for completion of language translation services are flexible and will be determined on an individual basis, depending on the scope and complexity of the original text.

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