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Aug 23 2017

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Central Air Conditioner Cost – Buyer Experiences and Price Information

An average of the comments above, and other 3 quotes comes to $6775 per A/C and Heating system (a few systems in the average included some ducts too). Quotes vary greatly. I have two quotes for a Carrier 5 ton 15 SEER at $6122 and $7100, and a quote for a Carrier 5 ton 14 SEER at $5446.
JoeCooling.com lists some good pricing information, but I’ve yet to see anyone local coming as low as those prices listed at JoeCooling.com. A Goodman 4 ton 16 SEER (parts only) costs $2525 (see: www.aciscool.com/pd-4-ton-air-conditioning-split-system-16-seer-r410a-freon-goodman-horizontal.cfm).
Hope this helps.

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I’ve seen pricing all over the board for H.V.A.C. work.
For the most part comparing prices on the net are futile at best. The best way to get a fair price is to get at least three bids and let the contractors know you are getting other bids. It keeps them honest. Never show other contractors your other bids because with a price and the particulars a dishonest contractor will find a way to beat the bid by cutting corners. Make sure you are dealing with contractors, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gone in behind non contractors to do their cleanup because the job was done wrong and the non contractor was no where to be found. Also when your house burns down because it wasn’t done correctly don’t expect your home owners policy to pay off.
As for do it yourself errs some people have the where with all but it’s not so cut and dry as just pulling old units out and stuffing units in. First of all if you get caught dumping freon your great deal just got a little more expensive. ( By at least $10,000.00 to start with.) If the city gets involved because one of your neighbors decided to get nosy you have a whole new set of problems. Also due to new efficiency requirement’s tests will have to be performed this is a field on to itself. Not to mention if you don’t do it by the book and your house is damaged insurance will not pay off. (Any unit over 400 lbs. mounted on a roof requires a structural engineer to certify that your roof can take the weight. Oh and did I mention that equipment mfrs. Void warranties on equipment installed by anyone other than a licensed contractor.

Basically what you are paying for is a little piece of mind that all will be well as your family sleeps and if there’s a problem someone will show up to correct the problem. If things are really wrong at least the contractors board will help you get it straightened out if your contractor does not..

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We just purchased a new Carrier Infinity 4 Ton 16.5 Seer HVAC system with 48k BTU.
I watched the entire process–probably not necessary but I wanted to see what was going (and I did learn a great deal).

Installation of the new unit was to replace a 1994 Arcoaire 4 Ton Unit Heating and AC unit.
They completely removed the old product and installed new refrigerant lines, etc, etc, along with several other items.
Installation was a challenge; however, they were steadfast and I believe provided excellent quality service.

Does this seem pretty much in line with average cost for a new changeout system and installation?

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To let everyone know the markup that these commercial companies are giving you, I have several friends who are either top techs or owners of HVAC companies on both coasts. I had a 14 seer Goodman system AND dual fuel Goodman 80k 2 stage Furnace AND 4 duct-work ripped out and redone AND new compressor pump (for dual fuel switch at 38 degrees to auto start gas furnace) AND complete relocation of outside compressor unit to other side of house hiding it from my porch + all new compressor wires/hoses/returns + fuse/braker box to my main fuse box + sealing old holes and leftover hoses + digital thermostat (new in box) + external temp gauge for switchover + recycling of old units.

Please, please shop around, find someone who knows someone. Just MAKE SURE these individuals are licensed and certified. The equipment means nothing if the installer doesnt know what they are doing. But this is a comparison of what Cost is vs. What seems everyone is overpaying. (note all equipment is brand new with sealed warranty slips)

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Hi Farrah, what a coincidence, I have been shopping for a new furnace/AC system in the Bay Area also. I was recently quoted $6,800-$6,900 for a 2.5 ton Carrier 60,000 btu 2-stage furnace/15 Seer A/C which I am told would be very energy efficient and would qualify for $1,950 in rebates and tax credits. But add to that permit (few hundred), new ducts (usually quoted $300-$350 per duct in the Bay Area), possibly the need for additional electrical to be up to code ($270) and it could run mid $9,000s for me. $11,000 sounds too high unless your house is big (2,000 sqft+)

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