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Aug 11 2017

Pain Management Ocala, FL #rehabilitation #center #in #miami


Pain Management and Rehabilitation Center in Ocala, FL

With locations in Lake City, Ocala and Lady Lake, Florida Pain and Rehabilitation Center is an expert in treating pain conditions of residents in Gainesville, The Villages, and the surrounding communities, using the latest pain management techniques and procedures available.

Beginning Your Journey to Pain Relief

Pain can have many causes, and there are many possible treatments for your pain. Effective management of chronic and long-term pain, or difficult pain situations, frequently requires the coordinated efforts of a pain management team that’s capable of employing an interdisciplinary approach for easing your suffering and improving your quality of life. Has your life been wracked by chronic, acute or a persistent pain problem? Whatever your pain situation is, our goal is to reduce the pain you suffer from. We believe your life should be without pain and fear. Pain brings with it unhappiness, no matter whether your condition is an aggravating ache or a pain that’s all consuming where it feels like you will never see a way out of your pain. See your way to happiness because there is a way with help from Florida Pain and Rehabilitation.

Our Commitment Is to Helping You Be Pain-Free

We bring a pragmatic approach to our understanding of your pain. Pain is by definition a felt experience, and the true definition of pain is any person experiencing a problem of pain, with that pain being whatever the experiencing person says it is. Don’t let aches and pains torment you, preventing you from capturing all of the best that life has to offer. With advanced pain management technologies that provide sophisticated insights into both your physiology and the contributing factors to your pain symptoms, we can both accurately diagnose and develop a personalized treatment plan that gives you back the life that you deserve. Our commitment is to helping you become pain-free.

Set Up Your Consultation Today

Set up your consultation with the pain authorities at Florida Pain and Rehabilitation, particularly if you have been dissatisfied with your previous pain management treatment. Over the years there have been many instances where we have successfully treated a patient’s pain condition by finding the true cause for their previously misdiagnosed condition, many of which had previously been labeled as “incurable”. At Florida Pain and Rehabilitation Center we know that pain is supposed to resolve as the body heals itself with time and proper pain management, but sometimes pain management, if not done correctly, can mask a problem and a patient may become less aware that they need treatment for a deeper problem. Set up your consultation, we want to learn from you more about how intense your pain is, how your pain feels, where your pain is, what, if anything makes your pain lessen, and when your pain started? When a painful injury or pathology is resistant to treatment and persists, or when pain exists when medical science cannot clearly identify the cause of pain, we are committed to helping you relieve your suffering. The type of pain you have may result in different medications being prescribed, as certain medications may work better for acute pain, others for chronic pain, and some may work equally well on both, but always we begin with a conservative pharmacological approach with your health and safety front and center.

Why Choose Us?

From fibromyalgia to shingles, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and sciatica, when you need pain relief, you need to turn to the pain management experts at Florida Pain and Rehabilitation, founded by Dr. YiLi Zhou, a Harvard-trained, board-certified pain specialist, and neurologist. No matter whether you have debilitating pain from neuropathy, osteoporosis, whiplash, scoliosis, bursitis or chest pain, make us your premier provider of comprehensive, multidisciplinary pain management solutions. For those patients suffering from acute or chronic pain, Dr. Zhou believes in providing you with high-quality, individualized interventional pain management treatment, beginning with the most conservative modality first, but always with the goal of helping you to be rid of your pain. To help you be pain-free, we may utilize such pain management protocols as a block, NSAIDs, and even antidepressants, as well as a range of other pharmacological pain management and interventional pain management modalities. At Florida Pain and Rehabilitation Center we have a commitment to delivering the highest standards of care for you, which enable us to advance innovative therapies that both restore your health and improve your quality of life. No matter whether you have pain from carpal tunnel syndrome, spondylolisthesis, radiculopathy, or even debilitating foot pain or neck pain, let us help you be pain-free, contact us now to set up your consultation.

With locations in Lake City, Ocala and Lady Lake, Florida Pain and Rehabilitation Center is one of Florida’s leading pain management treatment centers, helping patients in Gainesville, The Villages and the surrounding communities effectively manage their pain.


“”Dr. Zhou, you are simply brilliant! I can’t truly express my deep heartfelt gratitude for your dedication to your practice, the kindness towards patients with professionalism unmatched. You stopped what felt like an ice pick which was going through my eye to the back of my head; basically you stopped “

“”Dr. Zhou, you are a proficient professional man who takes his pain management specialty to heart and from my heart to yours, thank you again. I would recommend you and your pain management office to any person in need of a specialist to get rid of pain in either the “

“”Dr. Zhou, you are a beam of light we look forward to seeing every month, even with a 2 hour trip we make every month, you are worth every mile! You are the kind of physician who looks beyond traditional solutions; looking at problems from all sides, medical, environmental, social, “

“”You made my life turn around for the better and that I am appreciative. Dr. Zhou, not only have your services been exceptional but your staff has been phenomenal in their kindness with pre-op and follow-up calls, you have developed a great team of people. So again, this Thanksgiving holiday “

“”I would absolutely recommend you, Dr. Zhou for your exceptional skills and knowledge as well as patient care and overall consideration even down to waiting in the lobby or patient examine rooms. Everything done at CPMNF is done with care and a smile.””

“”I have had headaches every since my hand accident on May 14, 2009. This is the first time I have had so much pain relief in my right hand, arm, and head. And less nausea.””

“”I am very, very pleased with the treatment I received in your office and the results of that treatment. I can rest easier that there is a Doctor who cares and that can help me with my treatment. I will happily refer anyone I know that is having a problem “

“”The injection has been very helpful. While on vacation I needed to take two pills on some days. Since I have been back I have not taken more than one a day. I am definitely getting better.””

“”It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of appreciation. Dr. Zhou you have performed various procedures on my body, giving me a quality of life unattainable with other medications. Dr. Zhou you are extremely knowledgeable, at the same time friendly, courteous, and very importantly, on time “

“”It’s Thanksgiving and I’d like to take a moment to give thanks to you, Dr. Zhou and your wonderful staff of dedicated employees and medical professionals, who have truly made a difference in my life this year. Patients don’t tell doctor’s enough how much we appreciate the care and attention “

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