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Mar 5 2018

Job Posting – Candidate Management Software

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Attract the
right people
the right way

tracking meets
job multi poster


Simple, swift and personal.

We’re LogicMelon – award-winning, job posting and candidate management pros. We’re all about offering bespoke solutions to your recruitment and candidate experience needs. In a nutshell, we make recruiting and managing candidates an easy, engaging adventure.

Our cloud based software is a smart but simple hybrid of a ‘lite ATS’ meets multi job poster. Already integrated with thousands of job boards, not to mention all your favourite social media channels.

One core product, limitless possibilities.

It all starts with our signature product – Post, Manage & Report. It’s everything you need to multi-post jobs via your preferred boards, manage an engaging candidate experience and help you get to grips with your analytics, costs and beyond. This is the heart of your solution. From this core product we build a bespoke product by selecting and customising the features that best suit your needs. And so your unique software solution is born.


Avoid the usual time consuming pitfalls and distribute your jobs with one click to multiple online avenues. Send your adverts on their way to your favourite paid and free job boards, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Less time, more talent.


Create a winning candidate experience that ticks all your engagement boxes. Collate and filter your applications in one place, keeping on top of individual job progress and candidate communications. Rank, Flag and Respond to talent with branded emails, all from one platform.


Have a world of analytics at your fingertips thanks to our Report feature. Assess your job ad’s performance thanks to your fully integrated analytics. Keep an eye on costs and time per hire and figure out the best job boards to use, tracking every step from advert to interview and offer.

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