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May 17 2018

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Recently, we have had a lot of reports of people putting a dance into their HUD and having something weird happen. The name of the dance changes to IP Replacement 1927_24681 and it is no longer usable. When they try to play it, either nothing happens or they just stand there and rotate around. What has happened is that the animation is part of a copyright dispute and Linden Lab s solution is to replace the Dance with the animation that rotates your avatar slightly. In short, the dance was pirated from the original copyright holder and is now defective. You won t be able to use it. The only thing you can do is remove it from your HUD.

We have tested this today, and it seems that the name changing is not necessarily happening anymore. However, the animation is still being changed and made useless.

Please note, that this is not caused by our products. A script cannot alter the name of an animation.

February 28th, 2010

skydiverAnarta Fall posted a comment about a video that the Myst Dancers recently made to promote the new Myst sim in Second Life. The dance was choreographed using an EZ Animator Deluxe! Take a look:

February 20th, 2010

The best way to get prompt customer support is to IM Connor Trudeau in Second Life. Do not drop notecards or send IMs to Keiki Lemieux, almost all issues should be directed to Connor Trudeau via IM. Because of some personal issues, I have not kept up with correspondence directly to Keiki Lemieux, nor have I kept up with the comments on this blog. However, Connor has kept up and can usually help you within 24-48 hours with any problem.

I will be trying to keep up with correspondence and blog comments going forward from today.

UPDATE February 20, 2010: The Detach Bug is now fixed. I have not been able to verify it happening since the fix was finally added to the server code late last summer.

A while back, I had reported that the Detach Bug had been fixed. For many months we have been waiting for the fix to be implemented in the official SL client. It s finally been released and as best as I can surmise, the fix now prevents you from making copies of worn objects. This does indeed prevent the first reproduction of the bug, but it does nothing to fix the core problem. HUDs that are worn from the ground are still in danger of being lost when they are next detached or when you log out or crash.

How to prevent the Detach Bug

Never wear your HUD directly from the ground. Right click on the HUD and take it. Then wear it from your inventory.

Wearing objects from the ground may lead to inventory loss

What to do if you have lost a HUD or other detachment

You should do the usual things from the Second Life Wiki like clear your cache. But if that doesn t work, contact Second Life support. Open a ticket on their website and ask for an inventory restart/fix. Explain that you have lost a HUD when it detached, that it disappeared from your inventory and that you have tried solutions from the wiki. They will help you, even if you are just a basic member. Their support might be faster if you are premium however.

Second Life support can help you! If you lost your HUD from the Detach Bug, they can almost always retrieve it using their inventory fix. Always contact support for this problem.

What else can you do?

Please take the time to log into the jira site (the official Second Life bug tracking system) and vote on this problem. The current jira issue for this problem is SVC-2956 .

UPDATE (June 26): There is another well commented description of the same essential bug on the jira. Please vote for VWR-12525 .

There are eight new copyable dances for sale at HUDDLES Headquarters. The dances are made by AKEYO and are full motion capture animations. They look great, come try them out. They are only 300L each.

I finally rooted out a problem I was having with my gift server for the new HUDDLES Landmark Pal Deluxe. Now it works! Luckily the problem was in the server and not the HUD, so no update is necessary. If you have the Landmark Pal Deluxe and want to give the free trial version to your friends, it should now work. Go ahead and give it away.

If you haven t yet tried the new Landmark Pal Deluxe, it s really neat. I ve found it to be very useful personally. It s great to keep track of all your recent locations via the handy history menu. And it s so nice to be able to save your favorite places in a variety of ways.

I found another neat video from the showgirl underground in Second Life. The group is called Showgirls Burlesque and they have a channel on youtube. This one is a more of a short movie than simply capturing a performance, complete with some touches of dialogue and storytelling. And I m told they also use the HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe to coordinate those dance moves.

Svetlana Mosienko: YES we use EZAD! Don t know what we would do without it:)

Last year I blogged about Phoenixa Sol and how she used 8 Quick Pose HUDs at once to create unique dance routines. Well I was recently sent a link to a video by a dance group who uses an EZ Animator Deluxe to choreograph their shows:

Although, I haven t been a user of twitter before, I got to thinking about how one might update a twitter stream from a LSL script in Second Life. It took me a little time to figure it out, but it seems quite easy. Someone posted a solution to the Second Life forums a couple years back.

The key line of code is this:

User is your twitter name, password is your password and msg is the message you want to send.

I m thinking that it might be nice to add this to the EZ Animator Deluxe, but I m wondering if anyone would use it and what features would they want. What do you think?

Oh, by the way, you can follow me on twitter, my name is KeikiAtHuddles .

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