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Jun 14 2017

GPS Fleet Management – Safety, Asset Tracking Solutions #fleet #and #asset #management


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Effective fleet management demands more than just putting dots on a map. Through our oil and gas fleet management solutions, we are able to deliver realtime visibility into the operating condition and location of every asset, remote worker, and vehicle. Additionally, with GPS asset tracking, we can improve driving behavior through automatic feedback while saving you time and money and increasing worker safety.

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Realtime asset tracking and fleet management allows you to know precisely where every piece of equipment is located and how it is being used anywhere and anytime. Our intrinsically safe (C1/D1) solution installs in less than a minute and runs for years on batteries. Our GPS tracking oil and gas solutions are designed to streamline your asset management through one centralized location and track your assets with our solutions where other products cannot go.

“In the 30 years I’ve been in the safety business, I have never

seen a tool have a greater, faster impact in modifying behavior

in my entire career. It’s just amazing how far the technology

has come and what that information can do. Our device is

paying for itself.”

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Cartasite offers world-class customer support. We are here to assist your efforts from installation to routine maintenance. If you are ready to expand and enhance your operations with our premiere oil and gas fleet management solutions and accurate realtime GPS asset tracking, now is the time to get in touch. For further information about any of our solutions, please contact our sales team. If you are a client, please contact support.

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About Cartasite

Cartasite was formed in 2004 with the goal of delivering practical technology solutions that enhance safety, security, and operating efficiency for energy corporations worldwide. With deployments in 31 countries, customers rely on Cartasite’s real-time monitoring systems to produce results that streamline operations, save lives, and protect the environment.

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