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Nov 30 2017

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Essential Magic is the premier location for maintaining your collection, your decks, and your favorite combos. Input your collection of both real life and online cards into our vast database, and check the latest prices. We have over 20,000 cards, 460,000 decks, 30,000 combos, and 80,000 registered users in our database, and we are confident you will find everything you need to improve your Magic: the Gathering game. And best of all it is completely FREE! What more could you ask for?

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Better Trading System!

Finding info on traders in forums and good/bad lists is like finding a needle in a haystack. Try our trading system where you can propose trades, leave feedback, rate traders, and view trader feedback. Just like you rate decks and combos!

This article hopes to address the difference, in the author’s opinion, between synergy and combo, based on the author’s experience of game play. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged.
Orginally published 1/16/2014

So it’s the week before the pre-release. You can’t wait to see the new cards before they’re actually released. You pack your cards and you’re about ready to head to the event. Until you realize. You have no idea what you’re doing. So relax, that’s where this article comes in. I’m going to take you a step by step way of identifying drafting strategies.
Orginally published 5/18/2010

There were several very very good players that would bring what would be now called a Rogue deck. When you had to play these guys, it didn’t matter if you had look in Scry magazine and prepared for the top level tournament decks, you were in trouble.
Orginally published 4/18/2011

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