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May 10 2018

Electronic Medical Records – QHR Technologies Inc

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Electronic Medical Records

“The new self check-in kiosk at Lakeside has been a very positive addition to clinic operations. We have received excellent feedback from both patients and staff. Patients are happy because it is a simple interface that rapidly, accurately and privately accomplishes the check-in routine. The staff are happy as it has unloaded a large portion of one of their most time consuming tasks, allowing them the ability to devote more time to the complex tasks that are not so easily automated. We have been pleasantly surprised by everyone’s acceptance of this added functionality”

– Dr. Bill Haver, Managing Partner, Lakeside Medical Clinic

“While there are still people who appreciate registering in person with a receptionist, a high volume of patients are very enthusiastic about the convenience and ease of using the kiosk. The touch screen terminal is so user-friendly, patients of all ages seem very comfortable with it”

– Warner Kabatoff, General Manager, Lakeside Medical Clinic

“Moving from one software to another is a big deal. However once we saw the power of Accuro, the vote was unanimous. Each Physician could see that the future benefits of this system were going to be huge!”

– Tom Malone, Chief Executive Officer, Winnipeg Clinic

“I knew that implementing Accuro EMR across the community would not only facilitate efficiency of workflow, but would allow physicians to make informed decisions based on the bigger picture. With a tailored system, enabling physicians to take control of the system, we now have total care over each and every one of our patients”

– Dr. Harold Nyhof, Vice President, Medical Services, North Eastman Health Association (NEHA)

“As one of the physicians in the largest and busiest clinic in Nova Scotia, with over 15 years of experience on an EMR, I was naturally very cautious about switching to another EMR platform. I was very impressed with our transition to QHR’s Accuro EMR and very relieved that what QHR promised, they delivered. QHR was able to completely import my 15 years of electronic data in a very structured format. I have been very pleased with the transition and the interfaces with the lab and diagnostic imaging which were created. I WOULD NOT HESITATE TO RECOMMEND ACCURO.”

– Dr. Robert Oliver, Woodlawn Medical Clinic, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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