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Jun 13 2017

Education, Surgery, Lifestyle: Bariatric Surgery Center at Albany Med #bariatric #surgery #and #diabetes


Education, Surgery, Lifestyle: Bariatric Surgery Center at Albany Med

Albany Med’s Bariatric Surgery Center has earned the American College of Surgeons accreditation, signifying that it meets the highest performance standards. For patients, this means a full range of surgical options performed by experts is complemented by a comprehensive program designed to produce lasting life changes.

Our surgeons are particularly skilled in treating patients whose obesity is complicated by other medical conditions, which means they are very well qualified to help patients with more routine medical needs. They offer open and minimally invasive surgery options, depending on what best meets each patient’s need. Specific surgeries include gastric bypass, laparoscopic gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy. Some procedures may be performed using the da Vinci robot .

All patients, regardless of medical complexities or type of surgery, experience better outcomes at Albany Med.

Results: Albany Med has helped thousands of obese patients permanently lose weight and live healthier lives. Patients can lose 70% of excess weight and eliminate associated diseases, like diabetes and high blood pressure.

When you are ready to make the commitment to a healthier lifestyle, Albany Med is ready and best able to help. There are no quick fixes. Long term benefits from bariatric surgery result from education, changes in eating habits, exercise and ongoing support, which is why Albany Med insists on a comprehensive approach for our patients.

You’ve thought about weight loss surgery now let Albany Medical Center’s Bariatric specialists help you to take the next step,

Because next year’s New Year’s resolution should not be to lose weight. Watch Now.

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