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Sep 7 2018

Classes at Haute Yoga Palm Beach

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Every class at Haute Yoga has students with diverse levels of experience. You are welcome as you are brand new to yoga or years of experience behind you! Each experience will be new and there will always be someone you can follow (ask your teacher to direct you to a spot where a seasoned practitioner lies!)

Although all of our classes can be physically challenging, students will find the yoga room to be a truly non judgmental environment. Classes range from 60 minutes to 75 minutes during the week and up to 90 minutes on Sundays. Haute Yoga is a heated studio, between 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit.

All levels are welcome!

Power Vinyasa

The foundation class for Haute Yoga; an energetic class that uses a flow series in conjunction with breath to create heat. The practice is traditionally accompanied by upbeat music.

Power Hour

Traditional power vinyasa class usually practiced mid day. Emphasis is on creating heat within the body, focus on breath and vinyasa flow. This class is upbeat and will leave you feeling energized and invigorated.

Yin *Non Heated Class

Postures are held for longer allowing students to move into connective tissues. Great for students who want to become aware of holding patterns within the body and athletes who want to gain flexibility in body and mind while soothing and stretching his/her muscles. All levels.

Haute Boot Camp

This is NOT a yoga class but it will strengthen key muscle groups to enhance your practice. Supersets of lunges and push-ups will build cardiovascular endurance to vinyasa for hours! Dumbells and resistance bands will enhance muscle endurance. The results will make you more confident in your practice and in your bikini!

Flight Club

Flight Club and will focus on exploring arm balances, inversions and those fun transitions that we all want to get! All these and more in combination with a powerful flow.

Kids Yoga

Kids yoga will teach your child to cultivate a peaceful and relaxed state of mind. The yoga poses are creatively incorporated using partner yoga to encourage kind peer and social interactions, games, music, dancing, stories and more. Your child will learn breathing and deep relaxation techniques, the principals of yoga, mindfulness and more. In the quiet portion of the class the kids are able to create a special place in their mind where they are happy and safe. Ages 5-10

Advanced Funky Flow

Get a fresh perspective on how to go into your normal poses. This class is heated and learning based, but still made to be accessible to all. The teacher Deedra, takes her fun and sweet personality and intertwines it with a funky way to learn! Come flow with some great jams and heat, two times a week. Advanced funky flow designed for all levels, but push your practice to a peak with optional advanced poses. Close your eyes and drip to the beat.

FUNshop Fridays

We will explore taking the asanas deeper with a new theme each month. It will continue to be a 1 hr class we will start with a warm up designed for what we will be exploring each class! Looking forward to playing and assisting in the growth of our community.

Haute Flow

Finally! Holly Weston has created the PERFECT flow. The Haute Flow. Formulated to be the whole body yoga experience, this flow has been almost 3 years in the making. This class will be taught by our Haute Yoga teacher trainee grad, Kate Mccabe, who will guide you through this flow. You know what you are going to get with this flow, all while getting deeper into the poses. This once a week class is not to be missed!

Wake Up and Flow

Sunday mornings never felt so sweet. Taking this class will be a spiritual experience, perfectly coupled with a heated vinyasa flow. Grow your mind, open your heart and leave feeling refreshed from a truly wonderful flow.

Sunday Vinyasa

A playful and powerful vinyasa all about moving and flowing with the breath, set to an upbeat playlist, with the goal of inspiring you to (lovingly) push yourself and recharge for the week ahead. Focusing on whole body work intertwined with stretching like movements to help you dive deeper into your practice.


#FBT is all about mindfully getting into inversions, handstands and fun new poses all while laughing and grooving. No serious-ness here, just yogis who want to learn, sweat, and play while flowing to a rockin playlist.

Haute Not Hot *Non Heated Class

Same Power Vinyasa style you love to flow to, but no heat will be on during class. This will turn the focus onto breath as well as movement. If you aren t a fan of the heat, or just want a break for the day, this class is perfect for you!

Slow Flow *Non Heated Class

This slow paced class is appropriate for new and advanced students alike who want gentle, slow and deep movement. It includes standing, seated and floor postures, with simple transitions from up and down the floor. Move energy and awaken the body. 75 minute class includes meditation. Hands on adjustments are offered. Unheated room.

Hatha to Yin Class

Friday mornings, explore power vinyasa from hatha to yin. Starting the class with 40 minutes of sweating and moving, followed by slow, mindful movements of yin to close the class. Begin your weekend with a little bit of both sides of yoga!

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