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Jul 4 2018

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job boards

Job boards

Specialty Pharmacy pay

CVS Specialty pays 85-95k base. 7k per quarter is comp plan. Benefits suck. Management is even worse. The MS manager on the east coast is a real piece of work. She is rude to her reps. Micromanages them to no end. Sends a ton of emails. Does half.

Job boards

I live in my storage unit

Let me guess, the van was parked at a Walmart down by the river [ QUOTE= anonymous, post: 5961264 ]Back in the day when the fleet car was a dodge caravan I lived in the van. I parked at night in a Walmart parking lot. I kept extra stuff in the.

Job boards

Giving Thanks for Quest Diagnostics

Too bad you will have to work since Butger King is open around the clock Thanksgiving. Don’t worry, your family won’t miss you.

Job boards

Marketing Practice?

They help people learn how to sell off-label without the company getting caught again.

Job boards

More Derm PDT reps leaving-SMART

What gives ? Biofrontera is sampling my accounts like crazy ! They’re not ordering and a couple of my larger accounts have told me they’ll never order again. I tell them we expect to have an increase soon but they’re not budging.

Job boards

What happened to the once great Merck

It is lucky that the profit margins are so ridiculous in pharma, because any other industry would have gone belly up being this broken.

Job boards

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