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May 15 2018

Best sports cars 2017, Auto Express, cheap sport cars.#Cheap #sport #cars

Best sports cars 2017

Cheap sport cars

Our pick of the best sports cars money can buy – from the Mazda MX-5 to the magnificent McLaren 570S

What is a sports car? Today, there are so many different types of fast car, it’s hard to put them under a single banner. With such a wide choice of cars to choose from, picking the right model for you is a tough task. As well as the usual factors such as price, seats and running costs, you have to ask yourself if the car you’re looking at is a genuine sports car. Basically, does it put a smile on your face?

In this list, the cars we’ve chosen aren’t necessarily the fastest, but they do deliver the kind of fun driving experience that people want from a sports car. They cover a wide breadth of makes and models, just to demonstrate what is available if you’re looking for a fun drive. From rear-wheel-drive open-top sports cars to 4WD supercars and coupes, there’s a breadth of talent on display here that will put a smile on nearly anyone’s face.

We’ve picked 10 cars that cover a price range from £20,000-£200,000, but they all deliver the goods in terms of driving fun. Whether it’s finely poised balance in corners, brutal straight line acceleration or masses of grip in all weathers, they have qualities that make them perfect for a weekend blast on empty roads.

Whichever model you choose, they will come with the latest safety kit, which will help if things go wrong if you’re pushing the limit of the car’s performance. We’d never recommend turning off the electronic stability control when driving on the public road, as this vital electronic safety aid will be able to react much faster than most drivers in most conditions. And if you do get the opportunity to try your car on a track, make sure that you’re insured against any incidents – most conventional car insurance policies don’t cover such use.

That’s the safety briefing over, now it’s time to have a look at the models we think are the very definition of the sports car.

Now click the links below or on the left to read about our top 10 sports cars, and tell us what you think in the comments below…

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