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Aug 31 2017

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The social determinants of health (SDH) are the conditions in which people are born, grow, work, live, and age, and the wider set of forces and systems shaping the conditions of daily life. These forces and systems include economic policies and systems, development agendas, social norms, social policies and political systems.

As a core function, WHO’s SDH Unit is responsible for coordinating WHO support to countries to take action on SDH to address health inequities. The SDH Unit works to support, guide and strengthen the capacities of countries to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate initiatives to promote health equity through addressing the SDH. The WHO SDH Unit currently focuses on four priority areas, shown below.

Priority Areas

Better governance for health, equity and development – Health in All Polices Training

Innov8 approach for reviewing national health programmes to leave no one behind

Guidance on pro equity linkages between environmental and social health determinants

Monitoring progress on the SDH and health equity

30-31 March 2017

International Conference in Adelaide, South Australia
The South Australian government jointly with WHO organized the International Health in All Policies Conference – progressing the Sustainable Development Goals, in Adelaide on 30-31 March 2017.

Health in All Policies: Progressing the sustainable development goals

Health is present in all of the SDGs. As governance and global development become increasingly complex, HiAP is uniquely positioned to provide governments and public health professionals with a road map to meet the needs of a healthy yet sustainable future at all action levels.

Release of Innov8 Approach for Reviewing National Health Programmes to Leave No One Behind

The Innov8 Approach for Reviewing National Health Programmes to Leave No One Behind is a resource that supports the operationalization of the Sustainable Development Goals and the progressive realization of universal health coverage and the right to health.

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