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Jul 3 2018

AI Recruiting Solution, Hiretual – 10x Faster Talent Sourcing with AI and Big Data, recruiting solution.#Recruiting #solution

Source professionals from open web through AI technologies

Unleash the full power of the greatest sourcing tual.

AI Sourcing

Get the most of your highest performer and optimize your most precious resource, time.

Internet as your Database

Fresh professional data at your fingertips from 2B people all over the web.

Email Finder

Be in control of outreach with 50% increased responses in half of the time and follow ups.

Direct Dials

Pick up the phone, call, and build relationships faster.

Refresh Data

Refresh the data for high value people and get more from the work you have already done.


Prioritize your recruiting with advanced analytics for people who are open to new opportunities or actively looking.

AI Search

Go beyond boolean and keyword search and tap into the ‘dark matter’ of undiscovered talent and professional data with Hiretual AI sourcing

API Support

Turn your HRIS into a super sourcing machine with the power of our technology.

Hiretual Sourcing Solution

AI Sourcing

Recruiting solution

Boolean Building Assistant

Recruiting solution

Contacts and Analytics

Recruiting solution

Swift Pipeline Management

Recruiting solution

This is a big data tool that helps you know who to engage with, not simply improve engagement – so you can focus on candidates you might actually place, not just ones who look like a fit on paper.

– Matt Charney, The Top HR Technology and Recruiting Tools of 2016

At Hiretual, we believe it’s ‘Professional Internet’ – transforming the Internet into a universal recruiting site, outperforming any single recruiting platform. The secret power behind this evolution is big data and AI technology.

– Ninh Tran and Steven Jiang, The Top 6th Articles of 2016: Make The Internet Sourcer And Recruiter Friendly

Hiretual is your recruiting assistant powered by Big Data and Cognitive Computing. Don’t get it? Neither do I. Instead let me show you what it can do… An extremely short post for a crazily simple tool that gives you maximum results.

– Adrian Tan, How To Actually Master Boolean Overnight

Hiretual magic produced four resumes before the rest of us could even read the full req. He single-handedly launched our team into the finals – yes, finals, as in the second round was completely surpassed because no other team submitted four public-facing resumes within the time constraint.

– Susanna Conway, How I Won The 2017 Spring SourceCon Hackathon

You’re not going to get a bot email-you’re going to get a REAL email, from a REAL person at Hiretual. A real person that you can actually reply back to if you need anything. Hiretual is a one stop shop for staying organized and obtaining not just WHAT data you’re in search of, but the BEST data available.

– Alexis Gingerella, Hiretual > A Pretty Rad Tool

Loved by top-notch recruiters.

You have no idea. Before Hiretual I couldn’t take lunch breaks, and now I do! Not only the Hiretual platform is amazing. Their customer success team is truly an extension of our TA team. Thank you Hiretual!

Recruiting solution

Director of Talent Acquisition at Tandem Hospitals

If you are recruiting and you don’t know about Hiretual, you need to get yourself acquainted with it. The built in searches, the functionality on Facebook, Github, and LinkedIn make this tool a no brainer. The development team gets it. They listen to the community and have fantastic customer service.

Recruiting solution

Senior Sourcing Specialist at HEB

. Hiretual is a game changer. I have only been on the Hiretual platform for about a month but I will be scaling back my LI subscription based on this tool.

Recruiting solution

CEO and President of Mattaponi Partners

Simply the best and getting better all the time. This is a complete sourcing solution for recruiters and sourcers.

Recruiting solution

Strategic Sourcing & Research Technologist at Lockheed Martin

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