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Dec 31 2017

About Society of Analytical Psychology

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The Society of Analytical Psychology was founded in 1936 for the purpose of developing ideas of C.G. Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and the founder of analytical psychology. All members of SAP are highly educated, well trained and highly qualified analysts who are ready to help people with emotional problems. SAP has numerous functions, including: training of analytical psychologists, educating the public about analytical psychology, publication of various media content about analytical psychology, organization of conferences, talks and workshops about analytical psychology, consultation service, and number of others.

The consultation service is one of the most popular services the Society of Analytical Psychology offers. It’s designed to help connect qualified analysts with patients who are interested in psychotherapy or analysis by a qualified analyst. Patients seek counseling by a trained psychotherapist for number of reasons, including: to help patients with recent trauma, life crisis, depression, treatment of eating disorders, alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, phobias and numerous other psychological disorders.

This website will be dedicated to helping to improve the care and treatment of persons with mental illness through affecting public policy. Some important health issues to be addressed are restrictive drug formularies, personal care home regulations, local mental health authorities, managed care and children’s health insurance plan. Also, important is increased funding for mental health and mental retardation in general and as it relates to funding atypical medications. Recognizing that persons with mental illness frequently end up in the custody of law enforcement, this website will strive to provide services and information to our law enforcement to better equip them with information and resources so that they may interact with persons with mental illness in the most effective and appropriate manner.

This website is not affiliated with Society of Analytical Psychology or any related organization.

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