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Jun 13 2017

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Мстители (2012 )


Disney had the film’s title changed in the United Kingdom to “Marvel Avengers Assemble” to avoid confusion with the iconic British espionage franchise (1961)/ (1998). See more


In the closing sequence in the shwarma restaurant, Thor is sitting among the heroes, although he left with Loki earlier. If this scene were to have occurred before his departure, a pouting Loki should have been evident, as there is no reasonable way Thor would have left Loki unattended on Midgard. See more


[ first lines ]
The Other. The Tesseract has awakened. It is on a little world. A human world. They would wield its power, but our ally knows its workings as they never will. He is ready to lead. And our force, our Chitauri, will follow. The world will be his. The universe yours. And the humans, what can they do but burn?
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Crazy Credits

The Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures logos are seen within the Tesseract. See more



String Quartet No. 13 in a Minor ‘Rosamunde’ D804
Written by Franz Schubert
Performed by The Takács Quartet
Courtesy of Hyperion Records Ltd.
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I loved this movie s depth, heart, humor, gravitas, action, performances, emotion and payoff.

This remarkable movie easily fulfilled and then exceeded all expectations. I ve been waiting for this movie since Sam Jackson s character uttered those famous words after the first Iron Man film. Stark now knows he s not the only superhero in his world and it s as big a treat for our real world as it gets. Seeing the Avenger Initiative in action is as great as I would ever have hoped! Hell, who am I kidding, I ve been waiting to see this movie all my life. Who would ve thought years ago that ALL these characters could fit in to a film and all of them be done justice? It delivers greatness from scene one and has to be considered the best this genre has EVER produced. Truthfully, as good as some of the previous work has been from every studio, nothing else has come close. That s not hyperbole; I really think most will agree if they see it with an open mind. I loved this movie s depth, heart, humor, gravitas, action, performances, emotion and payoff. I honestly can t wait to see it again with the rest of the world later. Right now, I m simply basking in the greatness I just witnessed!

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